What will I say with my spirits in my soul?

Spirits the male archangels:
What are we going to do?
And what can we say?
What are the stories so true?
And what is the U.S.A. every night and day?
Where are our people that abide or stay?
What is the name of our horse today?
And what can we say if we pray to Yahweh?
Because the Holy Spirit is the active force every day.

Priscilla the Chastity:
I am not bad.
But I feel very sad.
I know my dad.
And he makes me feel glad.
The world is filled with degradation.
And I am on a mission.
Humans are morally corrupted.
As I type my vision.

Spirit the male archangel:
What can I become?
Am I a lonely bumb?
Now I tap on drums while saying:"Awesome!"

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