Why I am ordained? Why is prostitution occurring in the United States of America every night and day in the U.S.A.? When will I find a Christian woman to marry that is not an adulteress nor a prostitute in the U.S.A. actually?

I am Archbishop Yanel Jay Laroche Jr. so drug-free. I will tell my story in poetry or poeticize actually in rhymes by me because I am a holy Christian indefinitely before the Most High called Jehovah and LORD in actuality in the book of Psalm 83:18 really.
Do read the Holy Scriptures in the Holy Bible because the Word of God is powerful while the Most High is also impartial says I, a spiritual Christian,that is lawful.
The Holy Bible speaks about dogs which are really called prostitutes that are outside according to Revelation 22:15 as I cried:"Outside are the dogs that also lied. Outside are those that practice magical arts as I still cried about satanists from the start that have no pure heart if they are guilty of magical arts. The sexually immoral are also outside.As well as the murderers and idolaters and the liars that lied as liars kept making up a lie as I spiritually cried about all those outside that will die according to Revelation 22:15 says I,a Christian minister,  that loves the Most High.Amen!"

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