Where Should I Begin If The Whole World Is Guilty of Sins through the sinner and trespass called Adam? Amen.

I am an ordained minister that hates so many crimes and lovers of wickedness forever as I rhyme about this every time as I praise the LORD the Most High (Psalm 83:18) that is always in my mind while I am on the scene in the world of crimes.
My name is Archbishop Yanel Jay Laroche Jr. forever.
Oh President Donald J. Trump, the Holy Bible calls you an earthly ruler that is also called a king of the earth with power in the United States of America every hour with no real worth nor real holy power as a King of the earth that is also called a government ruler that had a birth.
In the Holy Bible,kings of the earth are called government rulers that also had a birth or are also called men with no spiritual worth again and again as men continue to sin before God that knows when they will sin again.
We are living in the time of the end
with sexual immorality as a sin.The whole world is cursed says I,a Christian, that hates so many sins.
I am the first born from my daddy and mommy in which mom carries a purse daily. I am spiritually worthy and was never cursed by my parents actually that are worthy in reality because I obey the Holy Bible in actuality. And I also go to church weekly.
It is against the U.S. law to be a prostitute by far which is a flaw unless they are in the state of Nevada in certain counties by far were prostitution is legalized actually while I am a U.S. American indefinitely with no car really.
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