When are we going to talk again in rhymes together like very close friends?

I truly see my heart from the very start.And my whole life is torn apart.
I am Priscilla so full of art that keeps poeticizing from the very start.

Priscilla The Chastity:
I am married really. And I know the true story of Jesus Christ actually. He was a beloved saint so holy. And I am Priscilla The Chastity.

Spirit the male archangel:
I am Spirit really. And I know the sight of holiness actually. And it makes sense to me as I stare at the saintly like Jesus Christ so godly and nice. Jesus Christ is Lord! Suffice!And I am not bored. The price or the ransom sacrifice of Jesus Christ says I,Spirit, so nice so we can all have everlasting life and live in paradise.

Archbishop Yanel Jay Laroche Jr.:
What will I say now? What can I explain? To idols I will never bow. And I know my brain so plain.
We are in the United States of America.
A place with all the sinners.
And I still worship Jehovah forever.
It is now time to confess our sins together .
And start obeying Lord Jesus Christ forever.
We can certainly win as I say: "Suffice in the world of sins and a ransom sacrifice."

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