Jesus Christ says:"I am the way,the truth, and the life. No one comes to my Father unless they come through me"

Archbishop Yanel Jay Laroche Jr.:
The Holy Bible is filled with righteousness to understand. I am on land because I am a human being or a sinner on the sand.
Jesus Christ was to righteous on land.And he died for all of us that are sinners as I ran out doors with a Holy Bible to study more. I feel so secure knowing that I am a sinner so poor.Christ died for all sinners as I explore the whole world so insecure.

Many times I see why I am a sinner actually. I am still holy. And I love the Holy Bible indefinitely really.
My name is Gabriella the female archangel so special. I am not artificial, but an archangel so lovable and powerful.

Spirit the male archangel:
I am lonely and tired of the earth if I am still a sinner from birth. What is my real worth says I,Spirit,that is first? The whole world is getting worse. So many sinners committing crimes on the earth. Is the earth cursed?

Samantha The Poetess the female archangel:
I am anointed by Archbishop Yanel Jay Laroche Jr. really.I like talking in poetry daily while acting proudly before my spiritual family in my soul actually.
Through faith I am a female archangel in my heart so beautiful in actuality. And I am full of art.
I am also a Christian believer of Christ as foretold.And I am bold regarding sinners that also told their faith about Christ Jesus that is chaste in the world so cold. I am Samantha The Poetess that is precious like gold.
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