I talk in rhymes when recording Mp3's.

Archbishop Yanel Jay Laroche Jr.:
I start from the morning in writing rhymes my darling. Oh Gabriella my sweet archangel that I keep kissing. I keep hiding our secrets my love as you keep flying spiritually above like a dove so physically when you fly through faith around me,Archbishop Yanel Jay Laroche Jr., so holy. And I do love you faithfully.

Through faith everything is fine.I wonder where the birds will find a pine tree in our lines with the very words we poeticize from our mind says I,Gabriella, that rhymes?

Spirits the male archangels:
We are godly and holy.The world ended quickly before our Jehovah so saintly. And we are called Spirits indefinitely.
Oh Gabriella the female archangel and Archbishop Yanel Jay Laroche Jr. so lawful,why should we act spiritual before the true God called Jehovah that is powerful?
Why is it that your faithful love for each other is beautiful and forever?
We,Spirits,are together and we love each other. And we know our power against Satan the Devil that is a liar and called the father of the lie oh Archbishop Yanel Jay Laroche Jr..

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