What am I going to say says I,Archbishop Yanel Jay Laroche Jr. , in U.S.A.? Also,sodomy meaning anal sex is also against the Holy Bible says I,an ordained minister that is a clergyman of Universal Life Church Ministries called Archbishop Yanel Jay Laroche Jr.. Amen.

What am I going to say right now? I do not even know.Somehow I love to rhyme every time on The Spiritual Rhyming Show as I always just say "No" to illegal drugs everywhere I go.
I am Archbishop Yanel Jay Laroche Jr. like so.
And I talk in rhymes wherever I go. And you are suppose to always say "No" to illegal drugs everywhere you go.
What is the life line of a soldier that is also a holy father or holy clergyman forever?
How can we explain the true story of homosexuality if we know that the Holy Bible condemns sodomy which means anal sex actually. And I am lawful,saintly, and impartial if my heavenly Father called Jehovah and LORD in the Holy Bible at Psalm 83:18 which is beneficial. Amen.
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