We Were Raped again at the BCT Route 12 bus stop again.- I.D. # 4006 on Sheridan Street in Hollywood,Florida. I was raped by the whole world of Satan the Devil again.

You rapists include all you Floridians-666.
You rapists include all you Georgians-666.
You Criminals Called all you white Americans that all robbed us in Xlibris.com are all cursed criminals that wanted us to be Caucasian people when we are not your stupid criminals in U.S.A. .
I am going to save up and move to France oh all you Fucken cursed U.S. Americans called 666 in the U.S.A. really. And you are all cursed Demons-9.

If France is to expensive,  we will move to Canada or Martinique.

We, Universal Life Church Minister Reverend Doctor Yanel Jay Laroche Jr.  Cannot wait to leave you cursed rapists and all cursed beasts called 666 in the entire U.S.A..

Now I have to start ameliorating my French.

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