I am the true God called Jehovah and LORD after I was ordained in February 13,2014 says I,Archbishop Rev.Dr.Yanel Jay Laroche (R.D.) The Rock Doctor.

The Holy Bible says that my Rock is my God. The Rock in French is translated as La Roche.says I,Reverend Doctor Yanel Jay Laroche Jr.,so saintly.

That is why I took the name God called Jehovah and LORD in Psalm 83:18 as of February 13,2014 when I was ordained by Universal Life Church Ministries.

We,male and female Angels of  Light, married in the Lord our God's Woman called Nanette "Nyna" Gonzalez yesterday night while we were on the Greyhound Bus going to West Palm Beach, Florida after it departed Fort Pierce, Florida at 10:30 PM at night from Love's in Fort Pierce, Florida.

We bought the Greyhound Bus one way ticket for about $29.00 dollars that goes to West Palm Beach, Florida, and is located inside Love's toward the back of Love's inside before the Greyhound Bus sign in there with a light-skinned man or Caucasian man working there and also in Fort Pierce, Florida inside Love's.

We all hated Fort Pierce, Florida that much. And we decided to all leave the same night and go back to West Palm Beach, Florida again in the same night. Amen.


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