To U.S. President Donald J. Trump,To Melania Trump The First Woman,And to all U.S. Americans in U.S.A.- Why is it that there are so many prostitutes called dogs in Revelation 22:15 ,and so many criminals in organized crimes that buy and sell illegal drugs in Florida and Georgia? My name is Archbishop Rev.Dr.Yanel Jay Laroche (R.D.) The Rock Doctor that is an active U.S. non-Christian clergyman ordained through Universal Life Church Ministry at .Amen. And I am his wife in his soul that speaks through his mouth as foretold says I, Janel the female archangel, so bold.

From Reverend Doctor Yanel Jay Laroche Jr.
And from Priscilla the Chastity Laroche that is my Spiritual Girl in my soul.

To all nations
To all tongues
To all tribes
To God called Jehovah and LORD according to Psalm 83:18.
To U.S.President Donald J. Trump
To Melania Trump
To Universal Life Church
To Wal-Mart
To all beasts with a man's number 666 according to Revelation 13:16-18
To All UPS Stores

Why is it like this in a U.S. country that I still give while being holy and live?
Why should I apologize to many, when they wanted me to wake up and buy illegal drugs quickly?
They never liked us, Universal Life Church Non-Christian Minister Reverend Doctor Yanel Jay Laroche Jr, to be holy.
I always liked being black and saintly in fact.And I never look back at that realization with no godly nor obedient U.S. citizens that act lawfully in fact. They were all animalistic men that make separations according to the Bible facts in the book of Jude 18,19 that also calls them ridiculers that lack faith and godly acts because they were always a disgrace before their parents Adam and Eve that were no longer alive nor chaste in fact.Amen.

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