Spiritual Complaint and criminals reported list says we, Reverend Doctor Yanel Laroche Jr. and Priscilla the Chastity, so holy.

From both Reverend Doctor Yanel Jay Laroche Jr. and Priscilla the Chastity, so holy.
To all nations
To all tribes
To all tongues
To all beasts with a man's number called 666.
To U.S. President Donald J. Trump
To Melania Trump The First Woman
To Malia Obama
To The United States of America
To The United Nations
To All Federal Bureau of Investigation
To The First Heaven

1. We called the Hollywood Police and told them that after we paid Dominique for re-twisting our dreadlocks, she walked next door and brought marijuana really. And Dominique tried to get us to smoke marijuana in front of her. The Hollywood Policemen walked to Dominique's
room and talked to her. They walked back and told us that Dominique will never bother us again.

2.Charles Ray Rhodes is a whoreminger.
3. Nadege Flavie Laroche is a prostitute and in organized crimes.
4. Yanel Jean Laroche is a prostitute,a criminal, and kept harassing us daily because we are not Jehovah's Wittnesses.
5. Cumberland Farms stole my money at an ATM machine when my cell phone was turned off before. I turned my cell phone back on at Hollywood Oakwood Park and found all my money back in my bank account again.
6.Walter Levine is a Criminal
7. Northeast Dade Aventura Library is filled with criminals that are all mployees
 in organized crimes and prostitution.
8. How can an animalistic man get pregnant?
9. All the black security guards at the bus terminal for Aventura Mall are all criminals in organized crimes and in prostitution.
10. All the employees for Broward County Transit are all criminals. Many of BCT employees all raped us when we kept masturbating many times says we , Reverend Doctor Yanel Jay Laroche Jr. and Priscilla the Chastity, that rhyme.
11.All the employees  working at Northeast Dade Library in Aventura, Florida all kept molesting us and raping us whenever we urinated in the urinal, whenever we masturbated in the men's restroom,and whenever we accidentally slept at Northeast Dade Aventura Library.
12. Everyone working at Aventura Mall are all criminals in organized crimes.
13. The Burger King in Hollywood, Florida on Hollywood Blvd. spit in our burgers and our Chicken Nuggets so many times.
14. The Burger King in Hollywood,Florida on Federal Highway before Sheridan Street also kept spitting in our hamburgers,kept spitting in our Chicken Mc nuggets,and kept spitting on all other foods we use to buy in the past at that location.
15. The Jehovah's Witnesses are all in organized crimes and in prostitution.
16. Leah that works at Jubilee Center with all the volunteers and employees all raped us when masturbated 2 days ago in their portable bathroom.
17. That criminal Nadege Flavie Laroche kept raping us so many times when we kept masturbating, and when we kept sleeping.
18. All the Aventura Police are all criminals in organized crimes too that always stole our Credentials of Ministry wallet I.D. through Universal Life Church when we kept getting Baker Acted in Aventura, Florida.
19. That lying criminal Solomon and his female nigger prostitute both lied to the cursed criminals called Aventura Police that also stole almost all our items when we were arrested for false charges.
The Hollywood Police are all criminals so racist and wicked toward me and Priscilla the Chastity when we kept obeying the U.S. law oh Universal Life Church.
Our UPS Store address are all racist criminals at West Lake Commons on Sheridan St. in Hollywood, Florida.Our PMB is 1722 Sheridan St., PMB # 214.

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