I was raped again by Satan the Devil and demons. All You wicked ones called dogs(666) that are all prostitutes all raped us again.You whoremongers (666) also all raped us again. You idolaters (666) all raped us again. All You sexually immoral (666) all raped us again. All You liars (666) carrying out a lie all raped us again. All you slanderers (666) all raped us again. All you murderers (666) raped us again while we were sleeping. All you sorcerers (666) all raped us while we were sleeping again . All you practicers of spiritualism raped us when were sleeping again. All you men (666) that lie with men(666) which are all guilty of sodomy which also means anal sex all raped us again when we slept. The Holy Bible also says not to eat blood because the life is in the blood. All you drinkers (666) of blood raped us again,eaters (666) of blood all raped us again. All of you (666) that take a blood transfusion are also eating blood and are also worshiping Satan the Devil all raped us again when we fell asleep today.You swine(666) also raped us again.We awoke around 05:35 in the morning and were raped while we were sleeping again. - See Revelation 21:8, See Revelation 22:15 , See Revelation 13:18,19. See Jude 18,19. See Galatians 5:19-21., See 2 Timothy 3:1-5 ., See 1 Timothy 3: 1- 9. See Revelation 21:5 . ,

We Were both raped again outside Northeast Dade Aventura Library says I, Universal Life Church Minister Reverend Doctor Yanel Jay Laroche Jr.,and says I, Priscilla the Chastity,  that is also  The Spiritual Girl in his soul really.

Our business address is at

Archbishop Rev.Dr. Yanel Jay Laroche (R.D.) The Rock Doctor
1722 Sheridan St.
Suite 214
Hollywood,Florida 33020 .

Business line-up 1 (202) 499-4442
Cell phone number is 1 (202) 445-3755

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