I am living a lonely life with stupid two-faced beasts called 666

What am I going to say right now? What is the way to explain? I will never bow at someone that is a liar to me. And the whole world today is filled with jealousy over me,that is a clergyman in U.S.A. every night and day.
Oh you dogs called prostitutes in Florida, you are all beasts called 666 forever. None of you were ever psycho now really crazy at all. You animalistic men (Jude 18,19) that all fall were always in organized crimes that I truthfully called beasts with a man's number 666 after all.

What is wrong with obeying the U.S. law you see? I read Revelation 13:18,19 actually. And I never knew you would like to live in a home with me, Universal Life Church Minister Reverend Doctor Yanel Jay Laroche Jr., indefinitely oh you beautiful dogs called prostitutes that I am afraid to marry really on Facebook in actuality.
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