All you employees of Northeast Dade Library are all criminals that molested us again and raped us again after we were raped again before we awoke around 11 pm. at the bus terminal outside Aventura Mall. Even you dumb ass Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide all raped us again when we slept again earlier today, and before we awoke around 11pm tonight, and we were molested and raped again by all of you stupid beasts of Adam and Eve that all have the man's number 666 according to the book of Revelation 13:16-18.

I disocciated myself from Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide a long time ago.
All of you employees of Aventura Mall and employees of the bus terminal outside Aventura Mall are all beasts with a man's number that is 666.And all of you raped us again before we awoke around 11 pm tonight outside the city of Aventura in the state of Florida while ate the bus terminal outside Aventura Mall.

That ugly nigger female security guard working for Northeast Dade Library also always  kept molesting us and raping us when we kept masturbating many times in Aventura the city in the state of Florida, and when we kept sleeping nights in Aventura,Florida says I,Reverend Doctor Yanel Jay Laroche Jr., still married to Priscilla the Chastity that is The Spiritual Girl in my soul.
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