We were raped again when we masturbated twice. Once last night,and once around 4:20 AM this morning on Sheridan Street in Dania Beach,Florida while outside at the BCT ROUTE 12 BUS SHELTER.

From Archbishop Rev.Dr.Yanel Jay Laroche (R.D.) The Rock Doctor
From Yanel the female archangel in our soul indefinitely.
To Universal Life Church at www.monastery.org
To all nations
To all beasts with a man's number that are 666, and they are all children of Adam and Eve.
To all tongues
To all tribes

Dorrett from WELLLFARGO raped us twice.
Jaime from WELLSFARGO raped us twice.
Alexis from WELLSFARGO raped us twice.
Benjamin Darang raped us again.
Yanel Jean Laroche is still raping us and harassing us.
All the Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide also raped us again.
That dumb prostitute Nadege Flavie Laroche raped us again.
All your stupid dogs called prostitutes that are all women in Florida and Georgia also raped us again.
Every one working and any one going to Publix  at West Lake Commons on Sheridan Street in Hollywood, Florida all raped us again when we masturbated again twice.

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