We were raped again and harassed again with Yanel Jay Laroche Jr. so many times in our soul when we accidentally fell asleep in Plantation, Florida in front of the Government building.

From Rev.Dr.Yanel J. Laroche Jr. and also from Priscilla the Chastity.
Business name and address:
Archbishop Rev.Dr. Yanel Jay Laroche (R.D.) The Rock Doctor
1(202)873-4661 - Cell Number
1(202)499-4442 - Direct Line
Web Address http://www.thespiritualrhymingshow.info
1722 Sheridan St.
# 214
Hollywood, Florida 33020

To U.S. President Donald Trump
To Melania Trump the First Lady
To Barron Trump
To Barack Obama
To Michelle Obama
To Malia Obama
To our ex-wife Nanette Gonzalez that we heard was raped so many times and probably killed after we,all The Angels of Light, threw her out.(Our ex-wife Nanette Gonzalez that we also divorced for committing adultery so many times.)
To all tribes
To all tongues
To all people
To all nations
To all U.S. Americans
To all Universal Life Church clergymen at www.themonastery.org
To Universal Life Church Monastery
To Universal Life Church Ministry
To all Crime Stoppers that are in U.S.A.
To U.S. Virgin Islands
To all Subway restaurants
To Fedex
To Aaron David Marchant
To usps
To Google
To Facebook
To Xlibris
To USPS Stores
To all semi-trucks
To all man-made beasts called motor vehicles
To all gray man-made beasts called motor vehicles
To Firestar
To Optimus Prime
To Disneyland
To Disney World
To Janet Jackson
To The Republicans
To The White House
To Go Daddy
To The Transformers
To No Doubt
To Gwen Stefani
To The Plants
To The Trees
To The Sea
To The Earth
To The Fire
To The Water
To Aunty Michelle Laroche from Martinique
To Steven Kenny Laroche our cousin
To Roland Alexandre our grandmother that we heard died
To Chaplain Br. Martin that ordained us
To all Hyndai Elantra vehicles
To Cherub the name of my Hyndai Elantra 2006 color white vehicle that was repossessed.

You stupid wicked ones that are whoremongers raped us to.
You wicked ones that are called dogs also raped us again and stole from us.
All you wicked ones that are swine stole from us again.
You wicked ones including all you idolaters raped us and stole from us again
You wicked ones that are all sorcerers also raped us and stole from us to says I,Racheli a female archangel of Light.
All you Jehovah's Witnesses raped us again when we slept again.
And all you Jehovah's Witnesses are all beasts called 666 and are in organized crimes.
All you Jehovah's Witnesses say you are witnesses of Jehovah when you are not.
You are all congregations of Satan and you are all kingdom halls of Satan the Devil that got me, Universal Life Church Minister Rev.Dr. Yanel Jay Laroche Jr.,feeling raped the first time when I went to the hospital to complain about something called a Quickening that was some satanic spell by disocciated Jehovah's Witnesses called Yanel Jean Laroche and Judith Mary Laroche, that go to their satanic rituals secretly at any kingdom halls of Satan,at any congregations of Satan worldwide,and also at any assemblies of Satan the Devil.The hospital bakeracted me after I was admitted,and when I slept by myself in my own room as a patient,I was raped while sleeping and felt semin around my dark-skinned penis oh my Angels of Light in my soul with your names says I,a Universal Life Church Minister Bishop Yanel Jay Laroche Jr. ,that also obeys The Angel of Light our Spiritual Rhyming Master that is also in our soul and talks in rhymes through Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr.  and Priscilla the Chastity, so spiritual.
And by all these worshipers of Satan the Devil that were hurting me,Universal Life Church Minister Rev.Dr.Yanel Jay Laroche Jr., as well oh my Angelic Warriors in my soul before our highest ranked archangel The Angel of Light that can  talk through our mouth in rhymes says we,the non-Christian Ministers of Righteousness, in the soul of Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr.  and Priscilla the Chastity that both also write and talk in rhymes.
Go to http://www.thespiritualrhymingshow.info says I, a ULC Minister Archbishop Yanel Jay Laroche Jr.,so drug-free. And I am Gabriella the female archangel in his soul says I, Gabriella his wife.
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