We awoke around 1 am something and were raped again by Satan-1 called Benjamin Darang, raped again by Satan -2 called Yanel Jean Laroche, raped again by Satan -3 called God with the names Jehovah and LORD,raped again by Satan -4 called Jesus Christ, raped again by Demons-1 called the Caucasian people,raped again by Demons-2 called the Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide,raped again by Demons-3 called dogs that are all prostitutes, raped again by Demons-4 called the "Niggers",raped again by Demons-9 called all U.S. American people except Universal Life Church Minister Yanel Jay Laroche Jr., raped again by Demons-10 called My Niggas,and raped again by Demons-11 called Christians.

From Archbishop Yanel Jay Laroche Jr.  And from Gabriella the female archangel in our soul. 

To all tribes 
To all tongues 
To all people 
To all nations 
To The White House 
To Universal Life Church clergy members ordained at www.themonastery.org
To God called Jehovah and LORD
To Jesus Christ 
To U.S. President Donald Trump 
To Melania Trump the First Woman

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