We were molested again and raped by God called Jehovah and LORD. The Jehovah's Witnesses keep following me so many times, and the Jehovah's Witnesses keep raping us when we slept last night and this morning. That fat male nigger working for Publix also raped me last night when I slept.Thay fat stupid nigger that use to work in the customer service of Publix.

To Nanette "Nyna" Gonzalez my ex-wife that was raped and killed, I was raped again by these criminals called all Floridians again,all the rapists called Jehovah's Witnesses, all the stupid racists whites that are all 666 raped me too from that Publix yesterday and today.

We are moving out of Florida next month.
My name is Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr..And I am his wife in his soul called Priscilla the Chastity.
We are Angels of Light that were being raped so many times last night and today when we slept.
The Hollywood Police in Hollywood, Florida are all criminals and 666.
The Jehovah's Witnesses are all criminals in organized crimes.

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