I now curse all you Floridians in Dade County. I even curse you to oh Aventura Mall I call all criminals and rapists in Aventura the city of Florida the state.I even curse all of you Policemen (Beasts) in Dade County including all you Aventura Police (Racist beasts,rapists, and thieves) that are all cursed. I curse all of you dogs and wicked ones working and going to West Regional Library in Plantation the city in the state of Florida.I was suppose to be standing after 7pm and not sit down unil the next morning after 6am. I was raped today by all Haitians that are all 666. All of you animalistic men that live in dade county all raped us again. We are Archbishop Rev.Dr.Yanel Jay Laroche (R.D.) The Rock Doctor and Priscilla The Chastity, so holy,poetic, and never a prostitute.

I will call your names if you are on my list oh Angels of Light with a name.

You will only talk to us while still in our soul.

None of you will ever talk loud.

Oh Yanel Jean Laroche and Benjamin Darang! You are both cursed animalistic men that are both guilty of sodomy. You men that lie with men are so satanic and wicked ones oh animalistic men also called scoffers according to Jude 18,19. Amen.

My active fictitious name is Archbishop Rev.Dr. Yanel Jay Laroche ( R.D.) The Rock Doctor. And my first wife in my soul is called Priscilla. Her last name now is: "the female archangel of Light" says I, Archbishop Rev.Dr.Yanel Jay Laroche (R.D) The Rock Doctor that  is still married to Priscilla The Chastity that is also in my soul too.

You stupid animalistic men that I also call niggers all living in Miami the city in the state of Florida are all cursed dogs and criminals too in organized crimes in Dade County Florida that are all in Babylon the great the mother of harlots that even includes all of you cursed Jehovah's Witnesses that are all dogs (prostitutes), all whoremongers, all idolaters, all liars carrying out a lie,  all sharers in sins that all also raped us last night too according to The book of Revelation in The Holy Bible when we, Archbishop Rev.Dr.Yanel Jay Laroche (R.D.) The Rock Doctor and Priscilla The Chastity (sits at my right), both slept again outside the bus terminal that is outside Aventura Mall in Aventura the city in the state of Florida. Amen says I, The Amen before the true God called Jehovah and LORD (Psalm 83:18) that is in our soul and is also called the God of gods in The Holy Bible.

Reference Holy Scriptures in The Holy Bible are:

Revelation 16:14,16

Revelation 16:15

Revelation 22:15
Revelation 21:8
Revelation 21:5
Revelation 12:2-4
1 Timothy 3:1-5
2 Timothy 3:1-5
Jude 18,19
2 Timothy 3:16,17

Psalm 83:18
Psalm 32:8
Genesis 1:27
Genesis 5:1,2

I am a god of Jehovah the true God says I,Archbishop Rev.Dr.Yanel Jay Laroche (R.D.) The Rock Doctor, every night and day.Amen.

I, Samantha The Poetess, was also raped by all you Jehovah's Witnesses again that also stole from us too says we, Samantha The Poetess, and other Angels of Light that are also gods of Jehovah the true God with different male and female names.

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