I like shopping at www.walmart.com!

I,Rev.Dr.Yanel J. Laroche Jr.,do not really have any complaints with my wife in my soul Priscilla the Chastity in my life oh Walmart. If I could of been called ahead of time when you are delivering my package which was a men's Walmart bag that I ordered online,me and Priscilla the Chastity would of been happier.
Every time I order a ULC Clergy badge, Credentials of Ministry or anything from Universal Life Church Ministries using FedEx for delivery,FedEx always calls us,Rev.Dr.Yanel J. Laroche Jr. and Priscilla the Chastity,before delivering any of our items to our address.
Leave us a donation at www.thespiritualrhymingshow.info and or www.shop.thespiritualrhymingshow.info . Thank you.
We can be reached at 1(202)489-9199.
I am Rev.Dr.Yanel J. Laroche Jr. that really likes my men's Walmart bag that I bought online. And I am his wife Priscilla the Chastity in his soul that is a female archangel in his soul that talks through his mouth with a female voice. We are spiritual Christians. Amen
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