Animalistic men also called scoffers (Jude 18,19) raped us, U.S. clergy Christians ordained through Universal Life Church Ministries ( again when we slept again.And we, U.S. Clergyman, awoke around 2:10 am. The animalistic men also called scoffers ( Jude 18,19) also stole from us as well. I am Archbishop Rev.Dr.Yanel Jay Laroche (R.D.) The Rock Doctor ( my active fictitious name with an EIN number) that is still married to Priscilla in my soul that is a female archangel of light in my soul. Why are they so racist against us, U.S. Republican black U.S. citizens, that worship the true God called Jehovah and LORD(Psalm 83:18)? According to The Holy Bible, Lord Jesus Christ and his heavenly father the true God called Jehovah and LORD are impartial. Christians would preach to all nations,to all tribes, to all people, and to all tongues according to Matthew 24:14 in the Holy Bible. Amen.

We still live at 2403 Lee Street in Hollywood, Florida 33020 says I, his wife Priscilla that is his female archangel in Archbishop Rev.Dr.Yanel Jay Laroche ( R.D.) The Rock Doctor's soul. Amen.

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