You are all cursed wicked ones and rapists too in U.S.A..I know to much about you criminals.

June 29, 2017

All you animalistic men according to Jude 18,19 all raped us again when we masturbated. You animalistic men that make separation are dogs called prostitutes,are whoremongers,are idolaters,are liars carrying out a lie,are murderers,are sorcerers,are haters,are adulterers,and are all Jehovah's Witnesses that are all in organized crimes and in prostitution says I,Archbishop Rev.Dr.Yanel Jay Laroche (R.D.) The Rock Doctor, and says I,Priscilla Laroche, that is a female archangel.-Revelation 21:8,Revelation 22:15,1 Timothy 3:1-5,2 Timothy 3:16,17,18,2 Timothy 3:1-5

From Archbishop Rev.Dr.Yanel Jay Laroche (R.D.) The Rock Doctor
From his wife too called Priscilla Laroche the female archangel
To all nations
To all tribes
To all people
To all tongues
To The White House
To U.S. President Donald J. Trump
To The United Nations
To Nanette Gonzalez my ex-wife
To F.B. I.'s
To Washington D.C.
To Pastor Jack J. Stahl that ordained me.
To Chaplain Br. Martin that ordained me.
To Universal Life Church Ministries
To Progressive Universal Life Church
To ABC News
To The New York Times

1.Everyone around Aventura Mall and around Aventura Branch Library in Dade County all wanted to call the cops on us Christians again that are all ordained through Universal Life Church Ministries because they all raped us again when we masturbated again in Plantation, Florida around University Drive, and before Broward Boulevard in Plantation in the state of Florida.My name is Archbishop Rev.Dr.Yanel Jay Laroche (R.D.) The Rock Doctor. And I was raped to. My name is Priscilla Laroche the female archangel in the soul of Archbishop Rev.Dr.Yanel Jay Laroche (R.D.)The Rock Doctor.

2.You women are all perverted animalistic men that make separations, you are all rapists, you are all sluts, you are all prostitutes that all wanted to rape us again when we masturbated again in Plantation the city in the state of Florida in June 19,2017 around 1:00am.

I Am Priscilla the Chastity
Created by Archbishop Rev.Dr. Yanel Jay Laroche (R.D.) The Rock Doctor at 4:05 PM in February 21,2016

Priscilla the Chastity:

I am Priscilla the Chastity so holy actually.
And I am thinking of what to say really.
The true story about me is that I honestly want to write badly.
And that is the reality about me,Priscilla the Chastity, so saintly.
Now I am thinking of something to say like so.
Anther synopsis comes in my mind today.
I guess I am like a glow wherever I go.
Before Yahweh the true God that I say you know.
What is ugly after all?
What can you do if you are ugly?
Sometimes what is destined to fall are the wicked and not the ugly ones short or tall.
That is the reality that is written on a wall.
I am Priscilla the Chastity thinking of another line to say.
I guess I sounded okay in the U.S.A.
The story about my play is here night and day.
I am Priscilla the Chastity and this is my way.

I am Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr. forever with power every hour.And I am the author of My Rhyming Love Poems and a doctor of philosophy through my church forever called Universal Life Church Monastery while still a clergy member with power.Leave me a donation any hour says I,Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr.,with power.
You can donate to me at any time.

Broward County Transit for BCT buses Will Definitely Close Down Permanently Before the Year 2016 and before another day of election in 2016 says I,Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr.,that is still married to Priscilla The Chastity in my soul. Amen.

Created By Me, Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr.,and Created By Me, Priscilla The Chastity, so poetic and holy in November 14,2015 at 10:18AM

Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr.:

I am a holy clergy of Universal Life Church Monastery actually ordained through Chaplain Br. Martin in reality. Why is it that Broward County Transit is so racist toward me, Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr.,so black and drug-free in this U.S. country indefinitely?

In the future when I have enough money in my bank account forever says I, Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr., with power will permanently move to Miami Dade County as a Rock Doctor and as a Reverend of Rock any hour. I am Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr.. Amen.

Special Sunday In Jerusalem
Created by Archbishop Rev.Dr. Yanel Jay Laroche (R.D.) The Rock Doctor
Created at 11:49 AM in February 17,2016

Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr.:
It is now Sunday morning and not the evening. Sunday is special for those in Jerusalem while I am thinking. A festival day and a Sabbath while I am wondering about the regular morning sacrifices offered at the temple while I am worshiping. 

Priscilla the Chastity:
As the high priest presented the wave offering not in the east. Excitement really filled the air before two leavened loaves of new grain at peace.
This offering of the wheat harvest marked the start while I am realizing the year 33 C.E. on the day of Pentecoast in the morning says I, Priscilla the Chastity,that is still meditating.

Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr.:
In the temple area,things were taking place so simple before the case. In the city in the upper room which was not a waste was at the temple of greater importance so chaste.
120 Christians that were "persecuting in prayer" were gathered together in the temple forever says I, Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr., with power.

Priscilla the Chastity:
Poured out before a group of Christians was God's holy spirit before a mission and with merits in the upper room near a vision.
These Christians started realizing  and bearing witness in the morning while it was victorious while these Christians were acting with God's holy spirit in the beginning. 
The End.
Created by me,ARCHBISHOP REV.DR. YANEL JAY LAROCHE (R.D.) THE ROCK DOCTOR, and created by me, Priscilla, in June 11,2017 at 2:43 PM
We are The Spiritual Man. My name is ARCHBISHOP REV.DR. YANEL JAY LAROCHE (R.D.) THE ROCK DOCTOR. And my wife forever in my soul that talks through me in a female voice with power is called Priscilla that is my female archangel and still a rhymer and The Spiritual Man every hour. Amen says I, The Amen.
I,Priscilla, was never married to Rev.Dr.Yanel J. Laroche Jr., as I carried my name and made love to ARCHBISHOP REV.DR. YANEL JAY LAROCHE (R.D.) THE ROCK DOCTOR many times by masturbating myself and ARCHBISHOP REV.DR. YANEL JAY LAROCHE (R.D.) THE ROCK DOCTOR with the same dark-skinned penis as him says I,Priscilla, as I rhyme. I am Priscilla that is ARCHBISHOP REV.DR. YANEL JAY LAROCHE (R.D.) THE ROCK DOCTOR 's female archangel. Amen says I,The Amen.
I Am Archbishop Yanel Jay Laroche Jr.. And I Am Gabriella. We Are Both Called The Spiritual Man By The Names Archbishop Yanel Jay Laroche Jr. and Gabriella. Amen..mp3
by Archbishop Rev.Dr.Yanel Jay Laroche (R.D.) The Rock Doctor, and created by me,Priscilla, in June 12,2017 at 2:04 PM
Length 10:05

Why Are So Many Jehovah's Witnesses (Prostitutes) Outside West Regional Terminal And Outside Aventura Mall Not Want Us Black Christians Ordained By Universal Life Church Ministry To Use The Men's Restroom? Whoremongers, Prostitutes, Murderers, Liars Carrying Out A Lie, and Idolaters and Sorcerers are all racist and not obeying the U.S.A. Too. Amen..mp3
by Archbishop Rev.Dr.Yanel Jay Laroche (R.D.) The Rock Doctor, And Created by me, Priscilla, that is a female archangel and created in June 12,2017 at 6.29 AM
Length 10:05
We Know You Are All Animalistic Men Like Nanette Gonzalez My Ex- Wife And Like Shaynee My Ex-Girl Friend. Animalistic Men Make Separations According To Jude 18,19..mp3
by Reverend Doctor Yanel Jay Laroche Jr. The Righteous God and created by me, Priscilla the Chastity, that is The Spiritual Woman of Rev.Dr.Yanel J. Laroche Jr.. Created in June 28,2017 at 10:22 AM
Length 6:20
This is Revelation 1: 1,2 in rhymes.
It is the Revelation of Jesus Christ so nice.I cannot say suffice.
The Revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave Him to show His servants regarding sins.
And things that must shortly take place from within.That is the origin.
Also signification through His angel to His servant John so lawful. That is spiritual and powerful.
John bore witness to the world of God so victorious. And he also bore witness to the testimony of Jesus Christ so precious and suffice. That is,regarding all things that he saw that wasn't always nice.
Why Are There So Many Prostitutes Called Dogs-Revelation 21:8 ?

Go to . Also go to

June 22, 2017

Oh George English Park, most of your employees and most of your basketball players are even they raped my ex-wife Nanette Gonzalez so many times when I threw her out for committing adultery so many times. All you Americans raped me too so many times says I,Rev.Dr.Yanel J. Laroche Jr., ordained through Chaplain Br. Martin with Universal Life Church Ministries.Who is going to believe you dogs (prostitutes),you liars,you animalistic men,you idolaters,you murderers,you haters,you whoremongers,and you sorcerers oh U.S. Americans that I call the Demons 9 says I,Rev.Dr.Yanel J. Laroche Jr.. that was raped so many times when I slept? Items were stolen from my storages many times to when I went back to these storages and unlocked the storage door,and found items missing. And most of the time I had a disk-shaped lock!
Why Are There So Many Prostitutes Called Dogs In Revelation 21:8 ?

Go to . Also go to to

June 24, 2017

All you Jehovah's Witnesses are all criminals and prostitutes that we think all raped us again before I just woke up a few minutes ago. And they were calling me, Reverend Doctor Yanel Jay Laroche Jr. ,a prostitute and a hoe which is slang for prostitute. Some demon that keeps saying that he is Benjamin Darang, Yanel Jean Laroche, and Jehovah God keeps harassing me, Reverend Doctor Yanel Jay Laroche Jr., and keeps harassing my wife Priscilla the Chastity Laroche that is in my soul and talks with a female voice.We were both raped again outside Aventura Mall.
We, Angelic Warriors, even believe you Aventura Police that are all animalistic men, all you male and female black Americans,all you white Americans, and Spanish Americans that are all animalistic men too all
raped all of us in the soul of Rev.Dr.Yanel J. Laroche Jr. and Priscilla the Chastity when we slept again and awoke around 3:32 PM. That is what all my male and female spirits are telling us,Archbishop Rev.Dr.Yanel Jay Laroche (R.D.) The Rock Doctor and Priscilla the female archangel, every time we awoke.
All you wicked ones or everyone in Florida all wanted us to marry that prostitute Nanette Gonzalez again after we threw her out and divorced her spiritually because she committed adultery so many times.
I, Archbishop Yanel Jay Laroche Jr., was never a prostitute when I slept today too.
Me nor my wife Gabriella that talks through me with a female voice were never prostitutes, nor whoremongers, and we were never in organized crimes.
A lot of you Hollywood Police and other Police officers in Broward County all kept telling us through telepathy that you are our Mafia.

A Rhyme On The Spiritual Rhyming Show
Created by Archbishop Rev.Dr. Yanel Jay Laroche (R.D.) The Rock Doctor at 1:59 PM in February 23,2016

Priscilla the Chastity:

What are we going to do? We have to write some more words so true. That is the entire issue about me too that does not have a clue on what to do. I am Priscilla the Chastity symbolizing virtue too.

Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr.:

I know the very start of The Spiritual Rhyming Show so full of art. It is in my very heart.
I am Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr. forever as the Reverend of Rock and the Rock Doctor with power. I am after my lover because I love her. I love Priscilla the Chastity because she is the one I prefer.
The style about me before my church key actually is a talent in writing poetry really. If I go to the sea, I will bring my notes in actuality like an old folk so holy. Whoopee! This is my guarantee! And sometimes I can foresee the entire story before I write poetry regarding my clergy which is not just me,Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr., so saintly. It includes Archbishop Rev.Dr. Yanel Jay Laroche (R.D.) The Rock Doctor that is also a clergy forever with power.
And he is over me and in my soul actually says I, Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr.,as foretold really. I am always holy and gold.

Priscilla the Chastity:

I am me and I am Priscilla the Chastity so saintly. What is the reality about holiness so pretty before Jehovah the Most Holy and the king of eternity that is never odd. I laud Jehovah the true God.
My name means that I am chaste and not a fleshy waste as I taste spiritual food or read the Bible as a case. I love my place with my husband so lawful and special. His name will always be Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr. actually. That is the true story about me and my lover indefinitely.

Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr.:

What are the fruits of the holy spirit before the ones so mute and filled with merits? I am poetic and everlasting life I will inherit with my wife.
My name is Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr. so well. Sometimes pronounced Janel that is a Spanish name so belle. Belle is a French word meaning pretty as well. I am Yanel Jay Laroche as I foretell and I boast with my last name Laroche.
My wife's name is Priscilla the Chastity that I proclaim actually.I am holy indefinitely. And I am looking for an enrollee and an adoptee so free. I will always plea innocently as a holy clergy in reality.

Priscilla the Chastity:

The demons were talking to me as I kept thinking of the story actually.
The meaning of poverty really before the saintly so free are those that are not spiritual nor holy to me,Priscilla the Chastity,so godly.

The End

Created By Archbishop Rev.Dr. Yanel Jay Laroche (R.D.) The Rock Doctor
What Does The Love Of God Really Mean?
Created by Archbishop Rev.Dr. Yanel Jay Laroche (R.D.) The Rock Doctor at 12:33 pm in February 20,2016
Chapter 1
Do you love God in the world so odd? Day by day we should worship the true God in such a way in the U.S.A. .That is what we should do every night and day because that is okay to worship Yahweh. What does the Bible say about Jehovah every night and day in the U.S.A.?
In 1 John 4:19, it reads on the scene: "As for us,we love,because he first loved us." We know what the Scriptures mean regarding God that first loved us in a world of fiends. And we must remain spiritually clean which is like a sheen of holiness on the scene. And we all know what this means.
Jehovah is just and expressed his love for us in the world of lust. And in God we should honestly trust because we are all dust.
God provides us with a beautiful earthly home because he is spiritual and not alone. We know what is shown before our physical and material needs as flesh and bones. Our spiritual needs he looks after while we can also be condoned forever or forgiven by our Almighty Creator called Jehovah and LORD with power.
God gives us his Word,the Bible,that we trust because He is lawful and just in the world of dust. And the whole world is lust.
We might be delivered from sin and death by his Son called Jesus Christ that is left. And we are not out of breath. We can actually live on the paradise earth, and there will be no death, but many giving birth before the spiritual worth of Jesus Christ when he was on earth.
Confess your sins in this world because Jesus Christ is king and he casts pearls before boys and girls and children in this world when he was on earth with boys and girls.
Jehovah wants us to benefit forever from his love with power. Before flowers every hour and other plants from the Creator,we cannot forget the Watchtower of Jehovah that is forever.

Chapter 2

Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr.:
We are suppose to keep ourselves in God's love that is above. And all I see in the air is a dove. And I won't push nor shove while the dove is above says I,Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr., with love.

Priscilla the Chastity:
​I am Priscilla the Chastity actually. And we have to observe God's commandments indefinitely because Jehovah is holy. Let us examine this masterpiece you see by the Archbishop Rev.Dr. Yanel Jay Laroche (R.D.) The Rock Doctor carefully. And he is also spiritual and holy. What does the love of God truly mean in reality says I, Priscilla the Chastity,so saintly?

Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr.:
Does God grow in your heart as I am saying this full of art from the very start? I would write the words on a chart while acting smart from my heart that is never apart from God at the start.

Priscilla the Chastity:
We need to exercise faith and be full of grace and chaste-like before a fleshy waste in sight because God is light before heaven in sight. White means morally and spiritually pure. That means that it is right! And I,Priscilla the Chastity, will always fight for my rights while my faith is in sight before the God of everlasting light. I am white.

Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr.:
Oh how I love Jehovah the Almighty forever and ever  that is always the Creator with power.I,Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr., will always write a rhyme every hour. And I am also an Archbishop with power and a Reverend  and a doctor of Metaphysics every hour while writing rhymes together with Priscilla the Chastity my lover and an angel in my soul forever before the true God that is also the Watchtower of Jehovah with power. I am Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr..

God's Commandments
​Created by Archbishop Rev.Dr. Yanel Jay Laroche (R.D.) The Rock Doctor at 1:33 pm in February 20,2016

God's commandments are not burdensome and we know it. If we know a bit about the Scriptures and proclaim it,then that is how we can sit because we know God before a candle well lit.​
The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one that should be dying. Satan the Devil rules the whole world and he keeps lying because he is the father of the lie that I am saying.If we keep applying the Bible and not denying God's Word that is lawful, then we have found a way that is spiritual in the U.S.A. if we simply learn the Bible every night and day. Hey,are you a Christian today? If so,to Jehovah the true God do you pray?
We can examine Jehovah's principles and moral standards so spiritual. God will now force us to obey his laws so powerful. God wants us to live in a way so lawful with rich blessings now that leads to everlasting life so special.
What kind of obedience  does God expect from his worshipers in a world of debts? What can you get in your hands besides the Bible in order to let your heart understand that you met God and He has the upper-hand.There is so much threat in the world so filled with regret with boys and girls.That is hard to forget  to cast pearls or to preach before God that is upset about the whole world.

Why Should We Flee Fro Wickedness?
Created by Archbishop Rev.Dr. Yanel Jay Laroche (R.D.) The Rock Doctor at 11:04 PM in February 24,2016

In Revelation 21:8,it tells us who will be in the second death as well.That is,those that will go to hell.
The cowardly I tell.As well as the vile and unbelieving I also tell.
The murderers and the sexually immoral really. This includes those who practice magical arts actually.Also thee idolaters and all the liars in reality.

Oh our landlord for our storage at 2403 Lee St. in Hollywood, Florida 33020 says I,Archbishop Rev.Dr.Yanel Jay Laroche (R.D.) The Rock Doctor, and says I, Priscilla, his angelic wife in his soul that is a female archangel,

you have demons in the souls of these animalistic men there. A lot of them are in illegal drugs and prostitution. They magically stole my dollar bill and one of our hairpieces that just vanished before us physically. We are going to have to find a storage somewhere else next month oh our landlord for 2403 Lee St. in Hollywood,Florida 33020.

Oh Hollywood Branch Library in Hollywood, Florida off of Hollywood Boulevard, you are racist employees that never wanted me to work in the Computer Room or the Computer Center. I am Rev.Dr.Yanel J. Laroche Jr.. And I am his angelic wife in his soul Priscilla the Chastity.
At The Revelation From Jesus Christ
Created by Archbishop Rev.Dr. Yanel Jay Laroche (R.D.) The Rock Doctor
Created at 11:06 AM in February 17,2016

The revelation from Jesus Christ is already iced and spiced. I am enticed as disciples of Christ and I say suffice because my Christ doll is priced.
God gave Jesus Christ a revelation and not a carnation. God is the one in charge of creation because that is the causation. After a castration, I will take my child to another revelation that includes a dictation and a donation before a duration during the church foundation. And now I am filled with frustration because of the gestation at the location of the revelation. Imagine a narration of a quotation about the Christ salvation. And we will never face a starvation because of the temptation regarding the translation of the revelation while I am on vacation which is non-taxation.
His servants must know what must soon take place. I guess I'll bring a pencil case before the second base of the revelation so chaste. It is really a memory trace and an obstacle race before a watery place at the revelation of Jesus Christ in the first place.
Jesus Christ sent his angel to servant John and I am not gone at the revelation of Jesus Christ all along.
I must act on and add on the revelation of Jesus Christ so strong and never wrong. Where is his angel to his servant John?
He will testify to everything he saw. Even the word of God which is an awe. And we must remember the law. Maw as I open my jaw before the revelation of Jesus Christ that I saw before Francois. And I will never withdraw the revelation of Jesus Christ which is an awe and very nice when they testify the law that they saw at the revelation of Jesus Christ oh yaw. 
It Is Just On My Mind
Created by Archbishop Rev.Dr. Yanel Jay Laroche (R.D.) The Rock Doctor at 4:46 PM in February 25, 2016

Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr.:
I come in peace for awhile like so.
And everyday I glow.
It does not matter what I really know.
As long as I like The Spiritual Rhyming Show.

Priscilla the Chastity:
Many people can smile you see.
And I am amazed at all of it.
I know that love is the reality.
And I am now going to sit.

Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr.:
The style of righteousness is not so easy.
What am I going to do?
Life makes me truly happy.
And that is the actual issue.

Priscilla the Chastity:
We take what is in our life and go.
And then we come back if we forget something.
No one forgets The Spiritual Rhyming Show.
Now a bell in my heart keeps ringing you know.

Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laorche Jr.:
People all over this planet wanted love.
What are the miracles above?
Outside I see a flying dove.
And I wanted to catch it with a glove.

Priscilla the Chastity:
Where are thy miracles again?
What can I say about this disease?
Where are all my friends?
Is life really just a tease?

Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr.:
I love my mom and dad very much.
That is the true synopsis.
And by an angel I am touched.
What did I learn by this?

Priscilla the Chastity:
Wake up I say to myself so many times.
And I forgot to rhyme.
Now I will drink soda that is lemon lime.
Oh God,I confess my crime.

Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr.:
The meaning of poverty is sad.
Sometimes I run out and cry.
Many times I hugged my mom and dad.
And that is not a lie.

Priscilla the Chastity:
What is really the reality?
What can I do now?
Why can't life be what it should be?
To Jehovah the true God I bow.

Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr.:
My name is not Benjamin!
And I never sang a thing!
Oh Jesus, I just write rhymes before Satan!
Oh Priscilla, where is my ring?

Priscilla the Chastity:
​I sing to Jehovah that I praise!
My time will never end.
I am filled with capital A's.
And my hubby is my friend.

Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr.:
Where is the enemy?
How can I do my job?
What is the true story?
That is,before the one that robs.

Priscilla the Chastity:
Whoopee I am so happy!
What can I do now?
I forgot I had a warranty.
And I really do not know how!

Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr.:
What is the guarantee?
Where can I go to find a home?
My neighbor is really drug-free.
And I still cannot find my comb.

A religious book story-Why is it often good to ask questions?
Questions that children ask may be about a God given task.That is certain questions they may ask.
We ask questions to find our way.To actually learn we say.
To also learn the dangers we need to avoid in U.S.A..
We also ask questions to satisfy our curiosity every night and day.
Some may feel that its answers are too hard to understand forever.Others because of shame or embarrassment are over to answering questions with power of understanding the Bible together with family members that are lovers of questions forever.
Look at the world we are living in. It is full of war from within. As well as hatred and misery and sin. People get sick because of their origin.But they should not blame God for these sins and the world and its origin.
Is God hardhearted like so?If tragedy strikes,is it God's will that we know?
When under trial,let no one say:"I am being tried by God."For with evil things God cannot be tried,nor does he himself try anyone."-James 1:13

A Good Conscience.
Can You Maintain It?
Created by Archbishop Rev.Dr. Yanel Jay Laroche (R.D.) The Rock Doctor at 1:40 PM in February 21,2016

Are we lost without a conscience hopelessly? What is the conscience,and how does it work actually? Why should a conscience be trained really? And why should we consider the conscience of others in reality? Does a good conscience bring blessings in actuality?
Some say you should train a conscience like a sharp rock so certainly. And when you do something wrong,it will cut you psychologically. Anyway,that is the true story of a conscience trained properly. I am Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr. so happy to talk about a conscience directly. And I am Priscilla the Chastity his honey that has already trained my conscience oh daddy called Rev.Dr. Yanel J. Laroche Jr. actually.

To fool or entice means to lie and deceive. Our Heavenly Father that is God called LORD and Jehovah is a false God that is imperfect and never holy because He asked His spirits in the heavens and said:”Who will fool A’hab,….-1 Kings 22:20.I,Rev.Dr.Yanel J. Laroche Jr., curse God called LORD and Jehovah.(Psalm 83:16,18).Amen. Created by Rev.Dr.Yanel J. Laroche Jr. and created by Priscilla the Chastity at 5:15 PM in July 20:2016 1 Kings 22:20-23-New International Version (NIV) 20 And the Lord said, ‘Who will entice Ahab into attacking Ramoth Gilead and going to his death there?’ “One suggested this, and another that. 21 Finally, a spirit came forward, stood before the Lord and said, ‘I will entice him.’ 22 “‘By what means?’ the Lord asked. “‘I will go out and be a deceiving spirit in the mouths of all his prophets,’ he said. “‘You will succeed in enticing him,’ said the Lord. ‘Go and do it.’ 23 “So now the Lord has put a deceiving spirit in the mouths of all these prophets of yours. The Lord has
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