Oh George English Park, most of your employees and most of your basketball players are even they raped my ex-wife Nanette Gonzalez so many times when I threw her out for committing adultery so many times. All you Americans raped me too so many times says I,Rev.Dr.Yanel J. Laroche Jr., ordained through Chaplain Br. Martin with Universal Life Church Ministries.Who is going to believe you dogs (prostitutes),you liars,you animalistic men,you idolaters,you murderers,you haters,you whoremongers,and you sorcerers oh U.S. Americans that I call the Demons 9 says I,Rev.Dr.Yanel J. Laroche Jr.. that was raped so many times when I slept. Items were stolen from my storages many times to when I went back to these storages and unlocked the storage door,and found items missing. And most of the time I had a disk-shaped lock!

Oh George English Park,all you animalistic men purposely locked the bathroom area while we were there some other day to use the bathroom.
Jude 18,19.
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