All you Jehovah's Witnesses are all criminals and prostitutes that we think all raped us again before I just woke up a few minutes ago. And they were calling me, Reverend Doctor Yanel Jay Laroche Jr. ,a prostitute and a hoe which is slang for prostitute. Some demon that keeps saying that he is Benjamin Darang, Yanel Jean Laroche, and Jehovah God keeps harassing me, Reverend Doctor Yanel Jay Laroche Jr., and keeps harassing my wife Priscilla the Chastity Laroche that is in my soul and talks with a female voice.

We were both raped again outside Aventura Mall.
We, Angelic Warriors, even believe you Aventura Police that are all animalistic men, all you male and female niggers,all you white Americans, and Spanish Americans that are all animalistic men all
raped all of us in the soul of Rev.Dr.Yanel J. Laroche Jr. and Priscilla the Chastity when we slept again and awoke around 3:32 PM.
All you wicked ones or everyone in Florida all wanted us to marry that prostitute Nanette Gonzalez again after we threw her out and divorced her spiritually because she committed adultery so many times.
I, Archbishop Yanel Jay Laroche Jr., was never a prostitute when I slept today too.
Me nor my wife Gabriella that talks through me with a female voice were never prostitutes, nor whoremongers, and we were never in organized crimes.
A lot of you Hollywood Police and other Police officers in Broward County all kept telling us through telepathy that you are our Mafia.

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