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Jehovah is the true God that you should praise! I am Archbishop Yanel Jay Laroche Jr..Amen.

What does Psalm 8:1-4 say about the true God called Jehovah? "O Jehovah our Lord,how majestic your name is throughout the earth;
You have set your splendor even higher than the heavens!"
These Bible verses are holy with no disguises actually. What does majestic mean really? It means impressive in an inspiring way. And splendor means brilliance every nigjt and day.
Now let us talk about verse 2 so very true in Psalm chapter 8 to solve the clue before it is to late.
Out of the mouth of children and infants, God has established strength. The enemies were silenced. And the information is brief.
In verse 3, it talks about how Jehovah the true God actually created the moon and the stars really.
And in verse 4 it questions mortal man and the son of man that God takes care of on the Land as I really understand.

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